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Trials and Tribulations of Canadian Actors

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Actors, Actresses of Canada
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I thought of creating this community to help Canadian actors with their work. How to go about the industry, where to look, comparing cities, etc. Creating a community spirit should help us actors get by. Tell us your story, ask us your questions.

Upon joining it would be great if new members would tell us a bit about themselves.
Thank you :)

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  • Casting Worbook a professional way of getting sides, audition info for your city or other canadian cities.

  • Indie Access you receive a weekly newsletter about auditions in your city.

  • Actra Website Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists (Screen)

  • Union des Artistes Quebec's French Artists Union (stage and screen)

  • Qui Fait Quoi Quebec Directory of Communication and Culture

  • Quebec Drama Federation (self explanatory)

  • Equity Union for Stage Actors

  • Playback About Production, Broadcasting & Interactive Media in Canada (In Production List)

  • National Theatre School / Ecole nationale de Theatre One of the best Canadian theatre schools located in Montreal.

    (if you have other links to suggest, perhaps links pertaining to this industry in other cities than Montreal, i would be glad to add them, just post a message in the community) Thanks for your help :)