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Play Please Remove if Inappropriate

 The play by Santo Cervello and Grace Lebecka

"The Sacred Prostitute"
to explore exciting new possibilities for creating fresh models of femininity in the society.
Please join us on June 20th at The Metropolitan United Church
56 Queen St. East, Toronto
at 7:30pm
and on July 25th at the Bloor Street United Church
 300 Bloor St. West, Toronto
at 7:30pm

Buy Now On Line or Call: 416 245-3871
Our intention is to bring the archetype of a Sacred Prostitute to a new level of appreciation for contemporary women and men.The play is inspired by Esther Harding "Women's Mysteries" and Nancy Qualls-Corbett "The Sacred Prostitute"
The Sacred Prostitute
. Why should anyone take an interest in this ancient ritual and how does it serve modern men and women? In ancient time the maiden goes to the temple where she meets within herself the inner man and the god. The stranger journeys to the temple where he meets within himself the inner women and goddess. They are prepared by both priest and priestess and initiated in the sacred act of making love as the embodiment of god and goddess. However, before this act can take place the maiden must recognize the goddess within
The maiden’s emotional wounds and her desire for power and control will hold her back unless she learns that love must not serve her but she through love serves love. It is a similar lesson for the stranger. He must not ravish and objectify the maiden for his own satisfaction but honor her as the goddess. The intention of the sexual act was of the utmost importance. There was wisdom in this ritual that has long been forgotten. If love and beauty belongs to the higher world, by loving the goddess women and men do not enslave them selves into loving the human form.

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