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Bill C-61

For those of you who may not be aware, Minister of Industry, Jim Prentice, is trying to put through a bill that would severely restrict Canadian consumer privileges when it comes to copyright material. It is basically a version of the disruptive American DCMA, as opposed to being any sort of "Made in Canada" approach.

This bill, made with an extreme lack of public consultation, means ordinary consumer practises, such as unlocking cell phones and copying the contents of purchased DVDs for use in video iPod, would be made illegal. This bill also negatively impacts our Canadian filmmakers, musicians, artists, creators, and even anyone who uses a P2P file-sharing network.

I strongly urge you all to take action against this bill and instead fight for a Canadian solution, as opposed to laws that, in some cases, would be more restrictive than those in the United States.

The website Copyright for Canadians provides information and a simple, straightforward form you can use to send a pre-written e-mail, that you can edit, if you so choose, to your Member of Parliament.

For more information on Bill C-61, you can visit the following:
-Copyright for Canadians is a website with further information and a simple form you can use to e-mail your Member of Parliament

-A CBC article on the proposed bill

-The blog of Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law

-The official text of Bill C-61

I sincerely hope everyone takes action on this and writes their Member of Parliament, urging them to speak up against this bill and push for a Canadian solution to a Canadian issue, not the imported American failure that Jim Prentice is advocating.
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